Hai Bar Carmel


Hai Bar Carmel covers some 6,000 dunams (1,500 acres) in the heart of Mount Carmel’s “Little Switzerland.” If we could turn back the clock, we would discover on Mount Carmel a world of living things that is different from what we see today: panthers, roe deer, nesting vulture colonies, Egyptian vultures, falcons, and may species of night owls once roamed the area.
They have all become extinct on Mount Carmel due to hunting, deforestation and poisoning.
In the 1960s, the late Uri Tzon and Gen. Avraham Yoffe established a public organization called Hai Bar, with the goal of restoring Israel’s wildlife. Indeed, at Hai Bar Carmel, not only do we protect the status quo, we work to reintroduce to the wild species that have become extinct in Israel. The process has several stages: It begins with a reproductive nucleus (encouraging the animals to reproduce), continues with acclimatization, and ends with releasing the animals to open spaces. At Hai Bar Carmel, visitors can enjoy the exciting details of this story and see Armenian wild sheep, falcons, Persian fallow deer, roe deer, vultures and other raptors.
Hai Bar offers guided tours on Saturdays )in Hebrew) at 10 A.M., noon, and 2 P.M. at no extra charge.
How to get there:
Hai Bar Carmel is located 300 meters south of the entrance to the University of Haifa campus, on the Haifa-Isfiya road (no. 672) at the turnoff opposite Ha’arba‘im Grove.
Length of tour: one hour
Best season:year-round
Don't miss:Audiovisual presentation and seating corner at the Persian fallow deer enclosure
Hours: Saturdays only: 8 A.M.-4 P.M
Last entry one hour before above closing hour
to reserve mid-week visits by groups, call Nahal Me’arot Nature Reserve: 04-984-1750/2 or Carmel National Park: 04-822-8983
Fax / Email:04-984-3144
Entrance fee:Adult: NIS 22; child: NIS 10;
Israeli senior citizen:NIS 11
Groups (over 30 people): Adult: NIS 19; child: NIS 8
Entrance to dogs:No entrance to dogs or other animals
Accessibility:Partial wheelchair access
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