Coral Beach Nature Reserve


At the Coral Beach Nature Reserve on the Red Sea south of Eilat, the moment you put your head in the water (with a diving mask, of course) you are captivated by the magnificent scene.
The reserve offers a spectacular combination of strange and beautiful corals that create colorful underwater ‘gardens’ navigated by a variety of wildly-hued tropical fish, These include butterfly fish, parrot fish, Julie fish, nocturnal fish, and many other species, along with sea lilies, giant shells and much more.
The heart of the reserve is a coral reef some 1,200 meters long parallel to the beach. It is one of the most ‘densely populated’ coral reefs in the world and the only one in Israel.
A coral reef is a complex and delicate ecosystem, all of whose components are interdependent and connected in terms of metabolism and energy with their environment. Damage to even one individual in the system can cause a chain reaction that can adversely affect many organisms on the reef and marine or beach pollution can cause an ecological disaster. Great care is very important to preventing such damage.
Visitor numbers are managed by the reserve staff to allow visitors and divers to observe life on the coral reef.
Guided snorkeling visits for groups of 30 people and above are available by advance reservation.
How to get there:
The reserve is located opposite the Eilat Field School on the road from Eilat to the Taba border-crossing.  
Entrance fee: Adult: NIS 35; child: NIS 18;
Israeli senior citizen: NIS 18
Group (over 30 people): Adult: NIS 32: child NIS 17


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