Accessibility at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority Sites

 ​The Israel Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) has been working for the past few years to make its sites accessible to people with disabilities

 All national parks, nature reserves, archeological sites and heritage sites that charge entrance fees are being made accessible and will have accessibility aids installed.

We are making every effort to attract visitors with disabilities to visit sites often and to participate and enjoy activities at the sites.

Below you can find information regarding accessibility to nature reserves and national parks:

Information – Where Can I Find Information on NPA Accessibility

Information on accessibility at national parks and nature reserves on pages describing national parks and nature reserves. See the accessibility tab on the nature reserve/national park's page.

Principles for Making Sites Accessible

  1. Preserving the values of nature, landscape and heritage.
  2. Accessibility changes are implemented using intelligent development that supports the resource without damaging it.
  3. Every new plan takes people with disabilities into account. Existing sites are renovated with the limitations of existing conditions.

Contact Us

For further clarification and inquiries regarding accessibility, please contact our hotline at *3639.

Edna Zaken – Accessibility Coordinator for NPA

Tel: 02-500-5444

Fax: 02-652-9232


Mailing Address: NPA, 3 Ha'am Ve'Olamo Street, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem 95463

Please feel free to ask questions and make requests regarding accessibility at the entrance to each site.

Uniform Procedures and Rules at All Sites

  1. Waiting in line – Any person with a disability bearing a special certificate issued by the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) or the Ministry of Defense is exempt from waiting in line. This procedure does not apply to a queue of vehicles, such as the queue to pay the entry fee at the site.
  2. Entry fee charges – A person with a disability pays full entry fees like any other visitor.
  3. Exemption from entry fees – A person accompanying a person with a disability who holds a special certificate issued by the National Insurance Institute or the Ministry of Defense does not have to pay an entry fee.
    • The exemption is granted only if the accompanying companion is present at the time the disabled person entitled to the benefit receives the service;
    • The exemption does not apply when the accompanying companion receives individual services, such as accommodation at a camping grounds or allocated seating;
    • The exemption does not apply to the visitor centers at the Ramon Crater and the Hula Nature Reserve.
  4. Entrance to sites with service animals – A person with a disability who uses a service animal (usually a guide dog) is permitted to bring the animal to all sites, including sites that don't allow entrance to pets, under the following conditions:
    • The animal is accompanying the disabled person it serves, who can prove this with an appropriate certificate;
    • The animal is on a leash for the duration of the visit;
    • Service animals are not permitted to enter the Ein Avdat National Park and the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve to prevent any harm to the animals in the reserves; both sites provide facilities at the entrance where disabled visitors can leave their service animals for the duration of the visit.
  5. Aid with mobility, orientation and information – Disabled visitors can receive assistance in mobility, orientation and reading or listening to the explanatory signs at the sites.
    • A request must be submitted several days in advance, and the time of visit must be prearranged.
    • The service will be provided on days with relatively low visitor traffic.
  6. Special permission to enter with a vehicle – At some sites, entrance with a vehicle will be permitted to areas not usually accessible to the general public with vehicles.
    • This arrangement is only for people with disabilities bearing a disabled parking badge.
    • Entrance to the site is permitted only when the person the vehicle is registered to is in the vehicle.
    • Requests must be submitted several days in advance, entrance must be organized with the site manager, and instructions from the local staff must be strictly obeyed.
    • On days with heavy visitor traffic, driving a vehicle in pedestrian areas will not be permitted.

Site Accessibility

Tel Dan Nature Reserve – Disabled parking spaces, restroom facilities, a trail with observation points over the river, flora and fauna in the reserve.

Hula Nature Reserve – Parking, a floating bridge, restroom facilities and a visitor center, entrance area and wooded picnic area.

Yehi'am Fortress National Park – Parking, trails to the fortress, restroom.

Bar'am National Park – Parking, trails, viewing areas, restroom.

Gamla Nature Reserve – Parking, restroom, asphalt path and vulture  observation station, 3D models.

En Afek Nature Reserve – Trails, observation points, restroom, classroom and assistance for children with disabilities including computers for the visually impaired.

Zippori National Park – Parking, entrance area including a souvenir store and TV corner, restroom, accessibility of the Nile mosaic, ancient synagogue, the Roman villa including the Mona Lisa of the Galilee mosaic and the model of the reservoir. The site has a vehicle for transporting people with disabilities (by prior arrangement).

Carmel National Park – Tlalim camping grounds, Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve  including trails, picnic tables, restroom, observation balconies and signage.

Nahal Me'arot Nature Reserve – Parking, snack bar and souvenir store, restroom, assistance along the trail inside the cave is available by prior arrangement with the reserve's staff.

Megiddo National Park – Parking, restroom, museum, souvenir store, restaurant.

 Ma'ayan Harod National Park – Trail to Gideon's Cave, trail to the service buildings and pools, wheelchair access to the pool edge.

Bet Alfa National Park – Parking, restroom, gathering square, model of the synagogue, the synagogue building.

Bet She'an National Park – Parking, entrance area including restroom, souvenir store and snack bar. The archaeological site is only partially accessible: A section of the Roman theater, including an audio station for the hearing impaired, the restored bathhouse and Roman streets. Accessible opening film to the She'an Nights sound and light show.

Caesarea National Park – The Roman Theater area with an accessible restroom, archeological garden, site model, promontory palace, hippodrome and the beach promenade leading to the port and the ancient city, including ancient monuments.

Karnei Hittin Geological Garden – Nabi Shu'ayb in the Lower Galilee – Trails, there are no restroom facilities.

Betzet Stream and Keshet Cave Nature Reserve – Parking, restroom, trails, observation point overlooking the Keshet Cave.

Alexander Stream Hof Bet Yanai National Park – Parking, restroom, showers, trails, gathering area. Currently there are no aids for entering the water.

Apollonia National Park – Parking, picnic area, restroom, circular trail from the parking to the archeological site, the cliff trail is not wheelchair accessible.

Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park – Tel Afek – Parking, restroom, trails, picnic area. The park is currently being made accessible. People with mobility impairments who wish to visit the archeological site and the lake are recommended to visit with a companion.

En Hemed (Aqua Bella) National Park – Parking, restroom, paths, picnic area, drinking fountains, play area accessible to children with additional needs, observation points, signage.

Stalactite Cave (Soreq Cave) Nature Reserve

  • Vehicle and Foot Access – Steep stairs lead from the upper parking lot and ticket office to the cave level. Accessible to people with mobility impairments by private vehicle only. Call ahead of your arrival (020-991-1117) to make prior arrangements to avoid a long wait. Visits from organized groups of people with mobility impairments must be prearranged with the reservation center, by fax – 02-999-0215.
  • Visiting the Cave – Headphones for the hearing impaired with increased volume, an introductory film with subtitles, the first observation platform is accessible with a wheelchair lift.
  • Important Information – (a) For safety reasons, the circular route cannot be done in reverse. (b) The walk through the cave includes stairs and slippery sections. (c) No dogs are allowed, including service dogs. (d) There is an accessible restroom.

Ashkelon National Park

The beach compound includes parking, restroom, showers, a road that leads down to the shore, shaded areas near the water, picnic area including paths, tables, drinking fountain.

The park compound - Parking, restroom, picnic area with tables, paths, drinking fountain.

The Canaanite Gate – Path, signage.

Bet Govrin-Maresha National Park – Parking, restroom.

The Bell Caves – Trails, observation points and signage for the visually impaired.

The Crafts Courtyard – Facilities and pavilion, picnic area, restroom, signage.

The Sidonian Cave Square – Parking, souvenir store, special visual aids for the visually impaired. People with considerable mobility impairments are advised to visit with a companion.

Castel National Park – Memorial Site

  • Central Level – Parking, paved walkway, movie, gathering area for groups, restroom.
  • Lower Level – Paved access by vehicle. Signage at the memorial site for the visually impaired.
  • Upper Level – Accessible by foot, the dirt trail is not suitable for people using walkers and wheelchairs. A visit to the memorial site at the top of the hill includes walking through trenches.

 Enot Tsukim (En Feshkha Spring) Nature Reserve – Parking, restroom, paths in the resort area including the archeological site, picnic area, drinking fountain, accessible splash pool.

The hidden reserve is not fully accessible, but possible for people with considerable mobility impairments visiting with a companion. Prior arrangements must be made by calling 02-994-2355.

Qumran National Park – Entrance  facility including parking, restroom, museum display and a movie with subtitles in various languages. The archeological site has a wheelchair-accessible trail, observation points, shading and signage.

Herodium (Herodion) National Park – An entrance and parking complex, scenic observation points from the site lobby, a model of the hill is located in the site's lobby, movie with subtitles, souvenir store, the antiquities are not accessible for people with disabilities.

The Good Samaritan Museum  – An accessible  entrance area including parking and restroom. The archeological site is accessible from the parking area via a firm gravel path. The archeological site, museum display and observation points of the view are accessible. With special permission, vehicles are permitted to drive to the museum building.

Nahal Prat (Wadi Qelt) Nature Reserve

  • En Maboa – Accessible by vehicle by prior arrangements – the spring, picnic area, observation view of the antiquities, concrete path to the first waterfall, store and service center for visitors, restroom, the spring's pool is not accessible for people with disabilities.
  • En Prat (En Fara) – Paved parking, shaded picnic area on a paved area, the stream is accessible via a dirt trail with no stairs, concrete observation deck, restroom. We recommend that people with mobility impairments visit with a companion.

En Gedi Nature Reserve

  • The main entrance to the site – Parking, entrance area, visitor service station and accessible restroom.
  • Nahal David Stream – A section of the Nahal David Reserve includes wheelchair accessible trails, resting and observation areas, an audio station, an observation point with a view of the "Olympic" pool waterfall. The trail is about half a kilometer long, and is designed and built to blend with the desert view. People can enjoy resting under the shade of acacia trees with ibexes and hyraxes nearby.
  • Synagogue – The parking at the gate, movement through the archeological site on foot on well-paved paths. A shaded accessible path to the antiquities for people with mobility impairments and accessible observation points. There is a service station for visitors, picnic areas, accessible restrooms, all reachable via paved paths. We recommend that people with mobility impairments visit with a companion.
  • Important Information – Service animals are not permitted in the En Gedi Nature Reserve. Animals may be left in a cage at the reserve entrance for the duration of the visit.

Masada National Park

  • Entrance Lobby – Covered parking, commercial and public area, theaters, elevators. Assistive technology for people with hearing impairments in the lobby, cable car and the sound and light show (by prior arrangement with site management.
  • Cable Car and Bridge – Suitable for wheelchairs.
  • The Mountain Top – Paths, restroom, observation points, models, relief maps adapted for people with visual impairments. There is an electric vehicle for people with disabilities (by prior arrangement with site management). We recommend that visitors with significant mobility impairments visit with a companion.

Eshkol National Park – The central garden and the camping grounds are accessible. Includes parking, restroom, trails, picnic areas, drinking fountains and accessible splash pools.

Ben-Gurion's Tomb National Park – Parking, restroom, trails, tomb square.

Avdat National Park – Parking, entrance area, path connecting monuments at the site: The Roman villa, the service way, the wine press and the acropolis.

En Avdat National Park – Service animals are not allowed. Animals may be left in the cage by the entrance to the park for the duration of the visit. Trails are not accessible for people with mobility impairments.

Mitzpe Ramon (Ramon Crater) Visitors Center – An audio enhancement system for the hearing impaired, accessible for wheelchairs.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat – People with mobility impairments are also able to go down and dive in the reserve, via paths and bridges, and there is a special possibility of going down to the sea, details at the site.