Money Saving Tickets

 Tourists can purchase multi-site tickets:

  • pdf Blue Card with 3 site visits, valid for two weeks - 78 ₪
  • pdfGreen Ticket with 6 site visits, valid for two weeks -  ₪110
  • pdfOrange Ticket with unlimited site visits, valid for two weeks – ₪ 150

Note concerning the tourist cards

  • The price is the same for all ages.
  • The cards offer access only to the official sites listed on the  front of the card.
  • All the multi-site cards include entrance to Caesarea and the Masada Museum.
  • The cable car at Masada is not included.
  • City of david N.P is not included.
  • The cards are valid for two weeks from the first visit.
  • The card is intended only for tourists.

The tickets can be found in parks and reserves:

Money Saving Tickets