World Heritage Sites

Bet Guvrin National Park

Bet Guvrin – Maresha National Park is at the very heart of the "Land of a Thousand Caves".


Area Center

Nahal Mearot Nature Reserve

​World Heritage Site. A prehistoric experience in caves in which humans lived for hundreds of thousands of years, as well as short walks along rocky cliffs, in the rich world of nature on the Carmel Mountain.


Area North

Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) National Park

Megiddo was one of the strongest and most important cities of Canaan. The remains of the palaces, temples, gates, and the sophisticated water system of the city are evidence of its great power.


Area North

Bet Shearim National Park

At a certain period in Jewish history, Jewish attention focused on a certain town – Bet She'arim.


Area North

Tel Hazor National Park

​Tel Hatsor is identified with the biblical Hatsor – perhaps the greatest of the cities of the land of Israel in the Late Canaanite period.


Area North

Tel Beer Sheva National Park

Tel Be'er Sheva, the area in which the forefathers of the Jewish nation (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) lived and worked, is an important biblical tel - one of three from the days of the Bible that UNESCO has included in its list of world heritage sites.


Area South

Mamshit National Park

Mamshit National Park contains the remains of a Nabatean city from Roman and Byzantine times, and presents Nabatean architecture in all its glory, against the desert backdrop of the northern Negev hills


Area South

Shivta National Park

Shivta National Park showcases the impressive remains of a Byzantine city that existed in the heart of a desert area with no natural water sources whatsoever. The splendid churches, streets, and homes are astonishing even today.


Area South

Avdat National Park

In the heart of the desert, on a hilltop above the Tsin Stream watercourse, are the impressive remains of an ancient Nabatean city.


Area South

Masada National Park

On an isolated clifftop in the heart of the desert, a lofty plateau overlooking the Dead Sea and the untamed landscape of the Judean Desert, there once stood a magnificent palace.


Area South