She’an Nights - A magical evening experience

 Come and experience with all your senses how history comes alive at Bet She’an National Park.

Performances take place every half hour on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning when darkness.

The performance includes a tour of Bet She’an National Park. We recommend visitors wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water.

“She’an Nights” is the only event of its kind in the world, featuring virtual images that will give you a sense of life in an exciting, vibrant city and treat you to a glimpse of thousands of years of historical events.

This unique night tour regales you with a three-dimensional audiovisual presentation, as you enter the city gates and walk its colonnaded streets. You can almost taste the spices and inhale the aromas in Bet She’an’s ancient markets as you meet characters from across the Fertile Crescent as well as those who brought it to life after 2,000 years. Visit the ancient bathhouse, once redolent with aromatic oils, and stand in the Temple of Dionysus in a ‘time capsule’ a moment before the earthquake. Top off your visit with a performance in the ancient Roman theater.

A glimpse of the performance.

Ticket prices for the performance:

Adults: NIS 55
Children: NIS 45

For ticket reservations, call  04-6481122 David

Reservation request "She'an Nights" Bet She'an

For reservations and more information call the Israel Nature and Parks Authority hotline at *3639.



She’an Nights
She’an Nights