Weddings / bar-/bat-mitzvah ceremonies at Caesarea National Park

The Nature and Parks Authority (NPA) considers that it has a duty to make its sites accessible to the public, and to allow the public to enjoy them in a variety of social and ceremonial frameworks.

The NPA believes that it can attract the general public to its sites, among other things, by creating superior and enjoyable experiences for visitors. Such experiences will instill a commitment to preserving and protecting the sites, and the values of nature, landscape and heritage that they represent. In view of this, the NPA relates to the activities, ceremonies and events held at its sites as an important tool, serving it in fulfilling its mission, and as part of the activities for which it exists, in a controlled manner and within the limitations of the law, and while conserving all the diverse values entrusted to it as trustee of the public.

Caesarea National Park invites you to experience your exciting moments "in the spirit of the place".
While at the park, help us preserve nature, the landscape, and our heritage for those coming after us.

Park opening hours are detailed on the website – click here

Guidelines for holding ceremonies:

Ceremonies and activities can be held from opening time until sunset, subject to the instructions and conditions detailed below.
Submission of an application on the form to be found on the website, and receipt of confirmation of the reservation, in advance and in writing. Applications to hold ceremonies should be submitted in accordance with the detailed instructions on the application form, taking note of the dates and times set out on this form.

pdfAttached is the application form for holding ceremonies in Caesarea National Park

pdfAttached is the agreement for holding ceremonies in Caesarea National Park


The ceremony can be held in one of the following areas, and the number of participants will be limited according to the location of the ceremony, as follows:

In the Anchors Plaza north of the Hippodrome -  up to 500 people.

The anchors were taken out of the Anchors Plaza for renovation and maintenance on December 15, 2015, until further notice. Ceremonies can be held here as usual.

Theatre - up to 500 people


By default, ceremonies will be held in the Anchors Plaza. There is a possibility of transferring the ceremony to the Theatre area, subject to receiving advance, written authorization 14 days before holding the ceremony.

  1. Ceremonies can be up to 1 1/2 hours in length, and in accordance with the instructions of the site manager.
  2. Musical accompaniment and singing will be allowed, limited to up to 3 musicians and a singer, and not more than half an hour in the course of the ceremony. There is a possibility of arranging a local amplification system, or an amplification system whose volume does not extend beyond the area of the ceremony.
  3. It is prohibited to bring food and drink into the area of the ceremony (other than water and wine). Light refreshments can be added, in a designated area and in accordance with the instructions of the site manager.
  4. It will not be permitted to erect awnings or any other facilities whatsoever other than the wedding canopy (chuppah).
  5. It is possible to set out chairs. Chairs can be hired in advance, by prior arrangement.
  6. Safety lighting in accordance with the safety guidelines as required, by arrangement with the site manager and by written agreement.
  7. Ceremonies may not be held on the eve of the Sabbath, Sabbath, or Jewish holidays.
  8. Applications will be discussed on the basis of availability.
  9. It is clarified that the Nature and Parks Authority will limit the dates and frequency of holding ceremonies at the site at its discretion, in order to conserve the site and its values. The NPA does not undertake to approve every application, and may reject applications, among other things, on the grounds of maintaining public safety and security, conserving the values of nature, landscape and heritage, and administrative and other considerations of the NPA.
  10. Access by the general public to the main parts of the site may not be impeded, and ceremonies with large numbers of participants will not be approved during opening hours.


  1. Holding ceremonies is subject to arranging payment in advance as required by the Nature and Parks Authority.
  2. Payment will include the usual site entry fee for the participants.
  3. For ceremonies involving additional expenditure, such as transportation of equipment, supervision to prevent damage to archeological finds and so forth – payment will be NIS 200 per hour's work, according to the number of staff required.
  4. Amplification system – an appropriate amplification system and sound man can be hired at the site by advance arrangement, at a cost of NIS 500 per ceremony. Cost of hiring plastic chairs – NIS 10 each.
  5. Outside opening hours - from closing time until sunset, there will be an additional charge of NIS 200 per hour per staff member for supervision, according to the number of employees required, plus payment for the cost of a security guard. Holding ceremonies is subject to signing a contract, as required by the Nature and Parks Authority.
  6. The person holding the ceremony must be in possession of all the licenses required under any law.
  7. The ceremony may not contain any commercial element.