Mamshit National Park Nabataean Khan


Nabataean magical experience: inspirational camping by the ancient city

  • Barbecue
  • Bedouin tent
  • Indoor overnight
  • Bus parking
  • Campfire
  • Camper parking
  • Cellphone charge point
  • Disabled parking
  • Electricity hook-up
  • Field kitchen
  • Hike
  • Lighting
  • Observation point
  • Parking
  • Picnic
  • Refrigerator
  • Shower
  • Outdoor camping
  • Faucet

​​Campground Capacity: 600 people

Lodging Options

  • Camping in private tents
  • Large communal Bedouin tent: sleeping on mattresses (up to 150 people)
  • 15 tukuls (permanent tents): sleeping on mattresses. (Every tukul can sleep up to 8 people)
  • Staff rooms: 4 rooms for up to 5 people- equipped with everything required: bedding and blankets, shower and toilet, air conditioning, small refrigerator, electric kettle and microwave (towels and toiletries are not supplied)
  • Caravan park:
    there are electric hook-ups and a central water refilling station

Price List

Regular: Adult - ₪ 53, Child - ₪ 42
Members: Adult - ₪ 38, Child - ₪ 32
School students: ₪ 35 (during the school year and on school trips only)

Communal tent (including mattress):
Regular: Adult - ₪ 75, Child - ₪ 65
Members: Adult - ₪ 53, Child - ₪ 45
School students: ₪ 60 (during the school year, and on school trips only)

₪ 350 (for up to 5 people). Every additional person - ₪ 30
Matmon members - 10% discount

Staff room:
₪ 450 (for up to 5 people)
Matmon members - 10% discount

Entrance to campground with a private caravan:
Regular: Adult - ₪ 53, Child - ₪ 42
Members: Adult - ₪ 38, Child - ₪ 32
Additional charge for water and electric hook-ups: ₪ 30 per night per caravan


Lodging fee includes admission to the site.

Payment will be made on arrival to the campground at the ticket office. Payments can be made by credit card I cash check payable to the INPA I cash I voucher - by arrangement with the Parks Authority

Campground Entry and Exit Times

Weekdays: campground reception hours From 16:00-22:30 at the very latest.
Check-out from the campground: by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

Holidays: campground reception hours
Entrance from 16:00-22:30 at the very latest.
Check-out from the campground: By 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

All camping equipment must be folded in the morning by 11:00 during the year, and by 10:00 on Holidays

Contact Us

Phone: 08-628-0404 ext. 1 (Shavit)
Fax: 08-627-6853
Please call during office hours: Sun-Thu - 08:00-16:00


Families and individuals:
Through the booking system

Groups and school students:
By prior arrangement with the reservation center for the south
Phone: 08-628-0404 Ext. 1 (Shavit)
Fax: 08-627-6853

Please call during office hours: Sun-Thu - 08:00-16:00

Campground Open Season:
Open all year round, except the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur)

What Does the Camp Offer?

  • Full lighting, electric points, drinking fountains, barbeque area, bonfire areas (including firewood), fixed and movable tables, electric points, mobile phone charging units
  • Restroom: 5 toilet cubicles for women, 5 toilet cubicles for men, and 5 toilet cubicles near to the tukuls
  • Showers: 5 shower cubicles for women, 5 shower cubicles for men
  • Field kitchen: gas cooktops, sinks for dishwashing, large refrigerators

Visitor Information

  • Music amplifiers and speakers may not be used in the campground.
  • Generators may not be used.
  • No dogs are allowed in the campground.

Service Center

Opening hours: according to need

Main items: soft drinks, ice cream, firewood, flashlights, coal, trail maps, souvenirs, and Basic camping/overnight equipment

Equipment for rental: mattresses for children (aged 5-10) - ₪ 10 per night

Special Activities

Evening activities and tours are available for booking

For details, contact the Ramon education center:
Phone: 08-658-8821
Fax: 08-910-6402

Getting Here

Mamshit National Park is located near the Dimona-Dead Sea Highway (Highway 25), approximately 6 km east of Dimona

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