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Authorized snake catchers

List of snake catchers who received a permit from the Nature and Parks Authority

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Laws and regulations

Attached here are all the laws, orders and regulations by which the Israel Nature and Parks Authority works

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Laws and regulations on the Knesset website

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Inspection and enforcement in the Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Inspection and enforcement: our vision

To protect wildlife and assets of nature, heritage and landscape in Israel and in the world is the foundation of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s work. To this end, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority will work to the best of its ability to oversee and enforce the relevant state laws as they apply to these assets and will work to further fulfillment of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s policy.


The Israel Nature and Parks Authority carries out inspections of open spaces and organized sites to prevent damage to flora, fauna and inanimate objects in the landscape and harm to visitors in the areas for which it is responsible.
The Israel Nature and Parks Authority enforces the laws of the state and works with other entities dealing with protection, inspection and enforcement on matters of nature and the environment, in Israel and worldwide, and participates in conferences, committees and national and international agreements all over the world.


Where can I obtain information about how to apply for a hunting license?
Approved Entities – FAQ

FAQ about approved entities 

  1. What is an approved entity and what is its purpose?

An approved entity is an organizational body legally authorized to possess weapons for the purpose of eradicating agricultural pests. The purpose of such a body is to provide a suitable response for farmers whose livelihood has been hurt by wild animals, while providing oversight and minimizing the possible damage. This framework allows civilians who have been authorized by the approved entity to carry and use weapons for the specific purpose of eradicating agricultural pests.

  1. When is a new approved entity needed and when can a person join an existing entity of this type?
    The establishment of an approved entity is needed when wild animals damage crops, and when they pose a danger to human health and life in the jurisdiction of local and regional councils and municipalities. A request to establish a new approved entity may be submitted to the Public Security Ministry by an official authorized by the relevant body on a recommendation from the INPA. A person may join an existing approved entity in coordination with the director of the entity and after meeting the conditions that have been set.
  1. Who is an authorized person in an approved entity?
    This is a person who has met all the requirements and criteria determined by the INPA and the Public Security Ministry to receive a weapons permit for the purpose of eradicating agricultural pests through the INPA’s regional inspectors.
  1. What is the procedure for authorizing an individual in such an entity?
    A request for authorization of an individual in an approved entity must be filed only by the directors of such entities. The application must be sent to the INPA Hunting Department by means of a special form for registration of a new authorized individual. The Hunting Department will send the application to the relevant INPA district to assess the need. If the district approves the application, the Hunting Department will permit the applicant to register for the beginning of the process. The process will include passing a hunting exam successfully, after which the individual will receive authorization and training to carry a weapon by the Public Security Ministryl inspectors.
  1. Is the authorized individual a considered a hunter?
    An authorized individual in the approved entity who does not possess of a valid hunting license is not considered a hunter. Nevertheless, such a person may be able to receive special permits to hunt from the INPA inspectors in keeping with need. A hunter can be an authorized person in the approved entity if that person has gone through the required process as delineated above.
  1. Are there special requirements that must be met for an individual to be authorized in an approved entity?
    Yes. To be authorized, the following conditions must be met:
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old;
  • The applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of Israel;
  • The applicant must not be the subject of an open criminal investigation, nor have been indicted or convicted of an offense due to whose nature, severity or circumstances the director of the approved entity deems the applicant unfit to receive a hunting permit;
  • The applicant has not received a notice requiring payment of a fine for an offense according to law or the National Parks and Nature Reserves Law, due to whose nature, severity or circumstances the director deems the applicant unfit to receive a hunting permit;
  1. To whom must I apply to begin the authorization process?
    The applicant must apply to the director of the approved entity that the applicant would like to join. The director will apply to the office of the Hunting Department to continue the process as above.
When and how can I contact you about permits for wildlife possession and commerce?

Contact by phone: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday: 8:30–noon.

We recommend you email us at the address below

With regard to use of the Permits Portal, please call our support line: 02-6703556.

Email regarding wildlife possession and commerce:

For other requests, please call the INPA hotline: *3639

Who is obligated to take out third-party insurance for a hunting license?

This obligation applies to anyone who is entitled to a hunting license.

What does the INPA require in such an insurance policy?
  • The policy must be made with an insurance company authorized to operate in Israel. The insurance must cover bodily injury of a third party as a result of hunting.
  • The policy must be made with an insurance company authorized to operate in Israel. The insurance must cover bodily injury of a third party as a result of hunting
What must be done after the insurance is obtained?

After the insurance is obtained, go to the INPA Permits Portal at, Then, select the form entitled Declaration of Third-party Insurance and fill it out as instructed.

What forms must be filed along with the insurance policy in order to receive a hunting license?

Send the insurance policy only. Confirmation of the weapon permit will be sent to the INPA directly from the Public Security Ministry.

After I have obtained third-party insurance, when will I receive my hunting license?

After checking the information and documents that you supplied to the Permits Portal, and after ascertaining that you meet all the requirements in the regulations to receive a license, the license will be mailed to you together with a fee payment form.

When will the hunting license become valid?

The hunting license will become valid only after you have paid the fee.

How does a new user register for the Permits Portal?

You can enter the Permits Portal through the INPA website:

  • You can also Google the words “Permits – Israel Nature and Parks Authority.”
  • After entering the portal, create a “new user” on the left side of the screen and follow the instructions.

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