Nature protection in Israel on and under the sea

לוגו לתת-קוביה שמורות טבע ימיות

Marine nature reserves

Marine Nature Reserves for the Mediterranean Sea

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Marine National Parks

Protection of landscapes and heritage sites in the Mediterranean

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Protected natural treasures in the sea

Protected animals in the Mediterranean Sea

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Fishing Smart – Protecting the Sea

Information for fishermen and main fishing regulations

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Interesting facts and figures


Members in the INPA's marine enforcement unit


Vessels for marine monitoring and enforcement


Officially declared nature reserves in Israel’s Mediterranean territorial waters


Of Israel's Mediterranean territorial waters proposed as nature reserves

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Information and reporting hotline

To report injured wild animals, hazards and offenses: call the Israel Nature and Parks Authority Hotline, *3639 extension 3

phone_number: 3639*

address: 3 Am V’Olamo Street, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem

The marine department of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority