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Notes from the field


Hello to you all! The winter is here in a big way, the sea is raging on all fronts: high waves, beached ships, gas that has begun flowing through the pipes, a maritime planning policy issued, and a new list of natural assets signed by the minister. Before we could even reflect on the past decade, this month started full throttle.

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What happened during COP25?


2019 was a very significant year for me and for many other environmental activists, a year where we felt that the world was waking up, a year in which we were moved to see millions of citizens and civilians around the world taking to the streets to demand climate justice and a call to action.

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Two plans for new nature reserves have been approved


The two reserves are the “Yamit Carmel Nature Reserve” in the Haifa Bay and the “Taninim River Nature Reserve”. The Coastal Conservation Committee of the Planning Administration approved two plans for new nature reserves and was supported by the Ministry of Energy.

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