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WeSea for Nature

The oceans and seas cover more than two-thirds of the Earth and are home to spectacular ecosystems and a wide variety of amazing creatures. The value of the marine world goes well beyond its beauty - it is a source of livelihood for many, regulates climate, produces half the oxygen we breathe, and even drives the water cycle to produce rainwater and drinking water.

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The Secret Garden: One-of-a-kind visit to Hula Nature Reserve

Join us on a fascinating journey to a unique part of Israel where only few have set foot in. The Hula Nature Reserve is first and foremost a home to a wide variety of birds, animals and flora, but it is also a time capsule of history and nature in the north of Israel. Though part of this enchanting nature reserve is open to visitors, there’s another part, a much larger one, that is closed. Few have the keys to this unknown area. Few had the opportunity to set their foot in.

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