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Nebi Samuel Park

Nebi Samuel Park is a fascinating combination of antiquities, agricultural terraced landscapes, mountain spring, and orchards. At the heart of the site is a large building from the Crusader period, containing the tomb of the prophet Samuel

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Kokhav HaYarden National Park

Kokhav HaYarden National Park introduces visitors to the Belvoir Fortress - a complete Crusader castle, one of a kind in Israel, overlooking the Jordan Valley and the Gil'ad from the heights of the Lower Galilee. A pedestrian footpath circumvents the fortress and passes the En HaYadid spring and the monument in memory of Orde Charles Wingate.

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Hamat Tiberias National Park

The Tiberias Hot Springs National Park displays one of the most spectacular mosaics of ancient synagogues in Israel. On the site, where the Hot Springs of Tiberias flow, there is also a beautifully preserved 18th century structure of a Turkish Hamam.

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Eilat Coral Beach Nature Reserve

The reefs of the Gulf of Eilat are the only coral reefs in our country, and among them a wonderful and colorful world of corals, fish and a huge variety of unique creatures can be seen. The Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat allows visitors easy access to the reef, as well as essential beach services, including a shop, showers, toilets, sunshades, deck chairs and sun loungers.

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