Three must-visit sites to see while touring Israel


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting day trip while on vacation in Israel, look no further cause we’ve just made it much easier for you. We’ve rounded up three awesome sites you must add to your “bucket-list”.


Bet Shean National Park

This site is truly mind boggling and a must-see in Israel.

The ruins here are an entire city and they are in awesome condition. As you explore the ancient ruins, you listen to an audio presentation at each point while walking on the ancient mosaics, touching the walls and sitting on the roman theater seats.

Beside these delightful views of ancient Roman don’t miss out on the site’s ‘city by night’ option “Shean Nights”, a spectacular audiovisual display that guarantees a night to remember.


Bet Shean National Park. Photo Credit: Doron Nissim

Caesarea National Park

This is by far one of Israel’s most impressive archaeological site and a “must visit” for anyone. Located right off the coast of the Mediterranean, it is considered by many as one of Israel’s greatest archaeological treasures. Add to that the fact it is located a mere 40 min. drive from Tel Aviv (approx.) and you got yourselves an unforgettable day trip. It is also every history buff and photography lover pure definition of heaven so don’t forget to bring your camera!

On top of that, there are several Cafes, restaurants, beach bars etc. which makes Caesarea National park a place for everyone, to come over and over again.


Caesarea National Park. Photo Credit: Manu Grinspan

Beside it’s beautiful, sweeping views of the Mediterranean, this site has many points of interest for you and your family to explore and enjoy: superb Roman Era ruins, the restored Caesarea massive Roman amphitheater (where 2000 years ago the citizens of Caesarea were entertained. you can even climb all the way to the top!), the Hippodrome (where spectators would come to see gladiators), the Reef Palace (the remains of Herod’s palace and a great vantage point from which to see the beauty of Caesarea today), the Bath Complex, fabulous and perfectly preserved mosaic floors as well as impressive examples of a Second and Third Crusade citadels. Caesarea also has an underworld museum where divers can explore the ancient harbor with waterproof maps!

On top of that there are also Cafes, restaurants, beach bars etc. which makes Caesarea National park a place for everyone, to come over and over again.

Apollonia National Park

This gorgeous 13th century fortress site (also known as the ancient city and fortress of Arsuf) offers a rare and exciting look at one of the most ancient crusader castles in the world where you can also see the remains of a Roman villa and the well-kept 13th-century Sidni Ali Mosque.

So whenever you get a bit overwhelmed by the fast-paced Tel-Aviv life and feel the need to take a break, this awesome national park is where you’d wanna go for a unique day trip experience that is both Easily accessible and not far from Tel-Aviv (site is only 15 minutes drive north of Tel Aviv).


Apollonia National Park. Photo Credit Manu Grinspan