The Knesset celebrates its 70th anniversary with an exhibition of photographs at Ben Gurion Airport

For this festive exhibition, Government Press Office photographers took on an exciting challenge – to give creative and visual expression to laws promulgated by the Knesset, including the Wildlife Protection Law, which the Israel Nature and Parks Authority is responsible for implementing.

For the exhibition, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority chose to present the issue of endangered eagles.

The spectacular photograph chosen as the face of the Wildlife Protection Law was taken with great skill by Omer Meron of the Government Press Office.

The photograph immortalizes the captivating moment a powerful eagle spreads its wings as freedom beckons; behind the eagle, Israel Nature and Parks Authority inspector Avishai Bar, having just released it back to its rightful place in nature, follows it keenly and devotedly with his eyes until the eagle soars triumphantly across the sky.

The exhibition will be on display for a year, during which time 20 million people departing abroad from Ben Gurion Airport will pass through it.

We take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the good work who helped to coordinate the photography: Amir Shafir, Asher Peretz, Evgeny Kaminski, the Spreading Wings Project, and Avishai Bar‑on photographed with the eagle.